King of the Hill, written by Nelda Bedford Gaydou 

Ten entertaining biographical stories and illustrations set in Dickens County, Texas portray rural life during the Great Depression. They reflect the straitened circumstances, strong work ethic and close sense of community of the time, as well as the resilience and ingenuity of that generation. Despite the difficulties, or perhaps because of them, Benji’s childhood was marked by strong family ties and sheer love of life.

Published by Progressive Rising Pheonix Press, available for purchase at

Fort Point Junior Ranger Book, illustrated by Sabrina Bedford for the National Park Service at Golden Gate

During the Centennial year of the National Park Service, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area wanted to develop a Junior Ranger book for Fort Point National Historic Site, an amazing park site located under the southern end of the Golden Gate Bridge. I created art about the plants, animals, activities and history of the site. It was an incredible project to work on - I had a blast learning more about the park that I work in for my day job, and creating an activity book that lots of young park visitors will get to use. All the work was done in watercolor paint on paper. The project back fall of 2016 and was completed spring 2017. Learn more about Fort Point by visiting

Faustine, written and illustrated by Sabrina Bedford


In her parents’ magnificent manor in the snowy mountains of Fort Lion, Faustine is left alone after raids cause her city to evacuate. She has to find her way in the harsh cold without her family, friends and technology. Ghostly visitors haunt her, and her father’s secrets come to light as mysterious, even magical things begin to happen in her abandoned city. Faustine must learn to trust herself and overcome her greatest fears and have faith in the impossible to escape her solitude.

“Faustine reminds me of books I love, books about magic by Edward Eager and E. Nesbit, or like A Wrinkle in Time. Sabrina Bedford has created a place that is otherworldly and oddly familiar. In this dream world, the charmed and charming Faustine becomes a person ‘who time travels, who can stand in the snow for hours waiting for the stars to show themselves,’ and the reader, like Faustine, has discovered she can do anything.”

 - Christina Mesa, Stanford University

Available now for purchase online.


How to Eat a Rainbow: Magical Raw Vegan Recipes for Kids!

Written by my sister-in-law Ellie Bedford and published by Vegan Publishers August 2014. With the help of our successful Indiegogo campaign, my sister and I teamed up to create a healthy children's cookbook focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables. This book has 22 fully illustrated recipes set in a magical fairy world. To find some delicious and healthy treats, visit Ellie's Recipes or follow us on Facebook!

Mischief in the Mushroom Patch, series by Amanda Thrasher

Published by Progressive Phoenix Rising Press LLC

Watercolor and ink on paper

8" x 11"